forms Plexiglas - Here's how

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forms Plexiglas - Here's how

Plexiglas can have the most varied forms.

Plexiglas, also called acrylic glass or glass hobbyist, is a very good manufacturing art glass. You can stick it, bend and shape and thus made up individual figures and shapes. To form Plexiglas without any problems, please inquire before your purchase whether the selected art glass has actually been made of a material that is moldable.

For bending Plexiglas you need heat

  1. To deform Plexiglas objects, you have to expose them to a heat source of about 150 degrees Celsius. Fashion here please with sufficient suitable protective gloves. Thin suede gloves are preferred by many Plexiglas fans.
  2. For heating, you can use a heater or a stronger infrared lamp if you want to heat the acrylic glass only partially. If you want to deform the entire disk, your oven or the hob offers. It is neccessary to comply with the temperature and remain at the scene to avoid any incidents. The hobbyist glass should not come into direct contact with the heat source.
  3. The duration of heating depends on the thickness of the plastic glass. If it is more than four millimeters, a two-sided heating is in a one-sided heat source (such as the hot plate) required.
  4. If the material has reached the desired temperature and softness, you can start with the shapes of the plate.
  5. Hold the acrylic glass using appropriate tools in the shape you want, until it reaches an approximate temperature of 50 or 60 ° C, it should retain the generated form.
  6. Change the shape of the workpiece immediately after the desired temperature has been reached. You should not have to apply too much effort. Can the Plexiglas is still difficult to form, it has probably not yet reached the optimum temperature.
  7. The plexiglass should be kept in the form achieved until it has cooled to below 60 ° C.

You can saw out various forms

  • All work should be carried out please with protective work clothing.
  • Furthermore, it is recommended to leave the protective film on the Plexiglas to prevent scratches.
  • Straight cuts are achieved best by using a steel rail and a Stanley knife.
  • Use the cutter to carve the material on both sides along the desired cutting edge deep. Then, the acrylic glass is easily broken over a sharp edge of the table quickly and with even pressure. For longer cutting lines, you can distribute the pressure of your hand on the entire section to be canceled very well by, for example, take a rod.
  • Round cuts look best with a jigsaw. Blades or angle Schneider would unfortunately melt the material. Accessorise the jigsaw with a new fine tooth hacksaw from questions, please shunting to zero and run it slowly at the desired line along.
  • Both the sawing and drilling, you should work at maximum speed.
  • Please always practice from as little pressure as possible.

Your works of art that you want to shapes made of acrylic glass, you can then use a hot glue gun or rapid hardening, transparent glue together. Plexiglas You can also excellent paint with commercial Glasmalstiften. In addition, special pins, for example All-Stabilo, or even fat pins are suitable. Colored pencils with solvents is unsuitable for Plexiglas.

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