Forward down ride - useful information

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Forward down ride - useful information

Proper riding as a basis for testing.

Why Forward-down riding serves

You have another riding lesson want to evolve sporty and introduce your horse to new tasks? Most of the riding instructor required at the beginning of the day a clean Forward-down riding. With swift Berga widths this term despite the slight confusion ways to do little.

  • The forward-backward-riding helps warm up the muscles of the horse and prepare for upcoming efforts.
  • The aim is that you allow your horse through the clean warm, aufzuwölben back. This is a key point, to work on further leading Assembly.
  • Through the forward-backward-Ride may promote the suppleness of your horse. The suppleness is an important point of the training scale and foundation for all other sections.
  • Good forward down riding includes the fact that your horse stretches the nose forward-bottom. Here, the mouth should be kept below the Buggelenks.
  • The neck of the horse can not be fully extended. To achieve this, hold basically an easy connection to the horse's mouth and build railway figures that include the large-framed twists.
  • The head of the horse can fall so low as it is possible from the building here - Ride not decent forwards-downwards when your horse not occur with the hindquarters and momentum builds.

Exercises to improve suppleness

  • A casual forward-backward-riding will best succeed in rising trot.
  • Start with the whole train and build a serpentine loops, circle and other bends. Before your horse can not be conspicuous even, you should avoid tight turns.
  • The basic rate, it is advisable to choose a brisk, but not hectic trot. Make sure that your horse always located in the clock.
  • Once a secure support is, give the reins before easily. Your horse should stretch zoom to the teeth now. This will succeed if you employ, turn and drive at the same time, so the hindquarters under enters your horse forward.
  • Never give more rein freedom, accepts as your horse. The following must be constantly available.
  • Once you realize that your horse clean runs forward-down, you can change the gaits. Gallop on curved lines and choose here a brisk, but not-piece basic tempo.
  • Use of tempo, positioning and Gangartwechseln you can promote the looseness and suppleness of your horse yet.
  • Once your horse apart from the hoi stretch, you have to work at a constant analogy again.
  • Just the Rückenaufwölben is very stressful for horses. therefore Place repeatedly breaks.

Once your horse is constantly expands forward-down, you can take it slow and start with the actual work. However, it does not hurt if you have a training session to work exclusively on the break week. This is indeed quite reasonable, since the muscle building, and this will be strengthened.

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