Fossil fuels - Declaration

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Fossil fuels - Declaration

Global Warming: The use of fossil fuels is a contributor.

Energy from fossils - the fossil fuels are

  • For the people fossil fuels are the most important energy source. The explanation is simple: Can you imagine a life without gasoline, coal or natural gas?
  • The best known is probably the petroleum. Along with natural gas, it originated from dead organic material that has been deposited on the seabed. These mainly include the smallest creatures of the sea: plankton and algae, as well as bacteria and fungi.
  • Missing oxygen, mainly because deposit various sediments above the organic residues is, the material is not completely offset. The result is the so-called sludge, are formed from the many millions of years through the work of microorganisms, pressure and heat various hydrocarbon compounds. These are mainly oil and gas.
  • Even coal is one of the fossil fuels. This is also produced from organic material - but mainly of ferns, wood and the like. Again, the absence of oxygen is important so that the organic material is not displaced in the course of time. This happened mainly due to the reason of bogs and marshes.
  • Over time (again, many millions of years), more and more strata superimposed on it. Especially the increasing pressure and high temperatures forms from lignite and - in much longer periods - coal. The main component is the carbon here.

Problems through the use of - a statement

  • The burning of fossil fuels produces CO2. This is one of the so-called greenhouse gases that contribute to greater long-term global warming.
  • But that is not the only polluting factor. In particular, the oil production is constantly under fire - go especially if in attracting wrong and billion liters of oil pollute the sea, beaches and countless animals.
  • The combustion results - in addition to the greenhouse gas - also contribute to smog. This is not just annoying "Cloud", but actually harmful exhaust gases, which are particularly frequent in the combustion of brown coal in large numbers. Oil is significantly cleaner than coal during combustion, which is one explanation for why be accepted especially here in promoting environmental threats.

In addition to the environmental impact, there are still a major drawback: The deposits are finite. Sooner or later, oil and coal are consumed, which will lead not only to motorists and electricity suppliers to unexpected problems. One reason why research is done to the most effective alternatives for use in vehicles and for power generation. In addition to the existing alternatives can be used long-term effective.

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