found car rental - so you should proceed

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found car rental - so you should proceed

A car rental need a good location.

Founding a company is an exciting affair - because ultimately you can never know if it will work or not. Thus, the probability of success is higher, you should consider some points.

The competitive situation of the car rental

  1. Clarify in advance how many and which competitor you - you will not eventually be the only one who rents the car.
  2. Analyze the offer of your competitors exactly: What is their pricing structure? Are there any discounts? What would you have if you go even as a customer to one of your potential competitors? You may discover in a close examination of the competitive offers that these "incomplete" and can therefore make an offer that is so does not yet exist (for example: certain benefits when loyal customers).
  3. It is also important that you consider a good and catchy name for your car rental. Just "car rental Müller" - if you called Müller - is not very memorable. How about instead of "MyCar - Car Hire"?
  4. If you want to start a car rental, you will need some start-up capital, after all, you must have enough vehicles available. So you should have a detailed investment and financial plan for the first five years of your activity can place - especially if you need a bank loan.

Starting a Business

  • Operating a car rental is a commercial activity, so you will need for a business license. This you ask the local commercial or business office.
  • When the tax office you need your self-employment also sign. If you start from unemployment and have respect before your desired self-employment unemployment benefit I, then you can apply for a so-called. Gründungszuschuss.
  • To ensure that your potential customers know that there is a new car rental, you need to make advertising and marketing. Also important is an appropriate website. The potential buyer should know where your locations are, what vehicles are available and how much is the rent. In addition, he should have the opportunity to reserve a vehicle online.
  • If you wish to be assisted in the start-up of experienced consultants foundation, you can for the so-called. Gründercoaching the KfW apply. This allows you to get a reimbursement of up to 90% for consultancy services.

The reasons a car rental is like any business start-up associated with many questions. Good planning is essential if your business is to survive the first years of the establishment.

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