Fränkischer Tag - so successful two traditional recipes

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Fränkischer Tag - so successful two traditional recipes

Franconian pancake soup - a delicious light starter Michaela_Schmidt-Meier / Pixelio

Even in beautiful Franconia know people enjoy not only the delicious Franconian wine is grown there, but there are a variety of regional delicacies that - outside the region little known - the Franks make life. Two recipes for these regional delicacies are revealed here - very easy to prepare and amazing taste: A Frankish day in your kitchen!

Pancake soup - starter for the Frankish Day

  1. First, prepare from the flour, eggs, salt and milk pancake batter. He should have a thin texture.
  2. Next step is to give clarified butter to the pan and fry the dough into thin pancakes. When the pancakes are cooled, cut them into strips, please.
  3. If you have left over from another meal still broth, you can now use broth for soup pancakes. Otherwise, you can, depending on the claim - an instant broth or bouillon quality - either self-cooked or purchased - use.
  4. Enter the pancake strips now in the broth, taste the soup from again and sprinkle the pancake soup to taste with sliced ​​in rings chives and / or finely chopped parsley. A light, delicious appetizer or a filling main meal!

Savoy Frankish Art

  1. You need a head cabbage for this delicious vegetable. Please divide the kale and cut the stalk out. Then cut the cabbage into strips not too wide.
  2. In the next operation, cut the onion small. Then melt the butter in a small pot and not to sweat the chopped onion in the butter until they are translucent.
  3. Now enter the cabbage strips to the onions. With a pinch of baking soda, you ensure that the beautiful color of the vegetable is preserved.
  4. Braising the cabbage for a few minutes until it has collapsed. Then pour in broth, so that the carbon is barely covered. You can later, if the vegetables should be too thick, still dilute the consistency with a little broth.
  5. When the cabbage is soft, puree him a hand blender, season the vegetables with salt and pepper and add the cream. Now the Savoy cabbage should have a nice creamy consistency. If it is too thin, you can bind with some Mondamin or roux it also.
  6. At the savoy taste boiled potatoes and meatballs or the delicious Fried Sausages also. With a dry Franconian wine or a beer to a "Frankish Day" is also at your home to a round enjoyment. Good Appetite!
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