Freelancer: Working as a doctor - important information

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Freelancer: Working as a doctor - important information

freelance work as a physiotherapist

Freelancers work independently

  • The difference to staff activity for freelancers always the same; this also applies to the physiotherapist. He works independently - so determined even where, to what extent and when it works. The reports may include physiotherapists, however, limits, because patients are in the game who are looking forward usually have a treatment during the day and from Monday to Friday.
  • Of course, you will only receive money if you work well; as a freelance physiotherapist so always after you have filed ready recipes and these were paid for by health insurance. The practice owner then pays the fee, after deducting a previously agreed fee for use of the rooms, telecommunications and materials.
  • Through this somewhat complicated way it can take several weeks before the submission of a recipe flowing money. You should consider and make provisions, particularly in the early days.
  • For the Social Guarantees (pensions, long-term care, health insurance), you have to make yourself. In addition, you are not entitled to unemployment benefits and payment of wages in case of illness and holidays. The fee flows only after providing a performance. Therefore, make sure before income for poor or -lose times.

The physical therapist as a freelancer

  • The biggest problem for freelance physiotherapist is the so-called false self for years. This is when you work primarily for one customer only. It is irrelevant whether you are active in the practice or make house calls for this practice. Let's therefore important that your professional association on the current regime advise.
  • In terms of apparent self You should also know that the assessment of this condition is handled differently by different bodies. If you are self-employed in the eyes of the tax office, which does not mean that the pension system that looks like that.
  • Many practices now offer partnerships in companies (GbR) on. These constructs are unobjectionable basically. Therefore, thinking about whether the you qualify for.
  • In most practices it is possible to bring their own materials to banks with the treatment rooms, sometimes this is not even required. Clarify this in advance with the practice owner from as well, on what days and at what times you can use the practice rooms are available and permanent employees not interfere.
  • Also, it often contributes positively to practice air in as you discuss in advance the rules by which new patients will be awarded and if you yourself acquired patient can bring into practice.
  • The trend in physical therapy is years away from freelancers. This is partly due to the difficulties with the false self, but also that there are federal states, where practice owners must pay for the freelancer tax. Inform yourself. Also on the current status
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