French Basque beret - Information

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French Basque beret - Information

Is elegant and keeps warm - the Basque beret.

Facts about the Basque beret

  • The French Basque beret, also called Béret, does not come about from the Basque country, but from the Béarn, one of France neighboring region.
  • The wrong name from Napoleon III. back, many people encountered while traveling in the Basque Country with this hat and called it "béret basque". The term prevailed. In fact, the cap was worn at that time already in many parts of southern France and has its origins in knitted wool caps from the region.
  • During the French Revolution, the cap became a symbol of national identity and from there to more popular. After the 1940s it has also been taken up by many artists and intellectuals.
  • The cap is typically made of felt or wool, which is very robust and easy to clean. Especially in South America, but is now also easier Basque beret spread of cotton which can be worn in summer as sunscreen.

combine A French Basque beret properly

They are now in many colors and slightly different forms. Thereby it is combined in many ways and used.

  • On chicest looks the Basque beret from a simple look with few colors. The cap should thereby have either black or a suitable, more muted color. So combined allows the cap worn as part of an elegant evening outfits.
  • A black Basque beret conveys elegance, a red cap acts boldly - especially for women in combination with a matching lipstick. Add to this a sweater for a classic outfit or a skirt for an interesting contrast.
  • Men should be careful to connect the cap with a simple, more covered clothes.
  • Man or woman, the classic Basque beret fit blazer or a plain turtleneck. Look at the combination that the color of hat and clothes are matched. Grasp the doubt to the black cap that can be combined easily with all.
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