French Chanson singer - a brief introduction

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French Chanson singer - a brief introduction

Again and again new, young Chanson singer! Andreas_Pimperl / Pixelio

This music world reveals itself through its history and the fact that you familiarize yourself with the main French chanson singers with your own ears an impression:

The special feature that makes a song a song

  • A Chanson is initially just a song, as well as the word "chanson" simply the French word for "song" is. Yet the term Chanson has international significance, which goes beyond the content of the word "song":
  • First, there was a musical genre that developed songs and interpreted and in French culture has its origins. Characteristic is played by an instrument melody to which a male or female singer sings a meaningful text.
  • The origins of this own French musical form go to the medieval courtly song view back through the Troubadour, in addition to the earlier was a folk song tradition that clearly with an explicit focus on the content of the text and the separation of text and musician dish from interpreters to be the French and delimits also other European forms of popular song.
  • Throughout modern history, the division of labor between artist, songwriter was stressed more and more on one side, on the other hand took the genre also influences of other contemporary music developments, whether jazz, hip hop or electronic music.
  • During the 20th century, this development completed by a Chanson may now be defined as the specific French version of international popular music. The stylistically not define, purely externally seen it can now act as a tango or a march, as blues, rock ballad or Musette.

The main French chanson singer at a glance

  • Towards the end of the 19th century lost the French theater gradually its unique position as Amüsierbetriebe, particularly in Paris emerged chantants numerous variety shows and cafes where the mainly middle-class audience was entertained by vocal performances.
  • There occurred the first chanson singers who were perceived individually as people. The first famous singer was Aristide Bruant, who first appeared in the famous Montmartre Café Chat Noir and 1885 his own club opened on Montmartre. Other celebrities this early period of chanson performers were Yvette Guilbert, to the turn of the century came the influenced by literary realism Chanson on réaliste, were the two Chanson singers with the stage name Damia and Frehel to Stars, known were also Marie Dubas, Berthe Sylva and Eugénie Buffet ,
  • Other, liedhaftere interpretations made the singer Théodore Botrel, Eric Satie and Andrée Turcy announced at the beginning of the 1920s. Through the emerging jazz influenced compositions performers as Charles Trenet, Jean Sablon, Mistinguett, Tino Rossi and Maurice Chevalier made famous during the next decade. You turn there was competition from Josephine Baker, who had come to France in 1927, and especially by Édith Piaf, which remained until the 1950s the outstanding Chanson Star. They promoted the careers of young talents, as were singers like Yves Montand, Georges Moustaki and Gilbert Bécaud their first opportunities.
  • The postwar chanson gained his inspiration in the philosophy of existentialism or at all in politics and current affairs and brought so singers as Boris Vian, Juliette Gréco, Georges Brassens and Jacques Brel forth. Other oriented more toward American entertainers (Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra), as Charles Aznavour, Barbara, Dalida, Leo Ferré, Henri Salvador, Marcel Mouloudji and Brigitte Fontaine.
  • Between about 1960 and about 1990, the genre experienced a pronounced stylistic diversity, in this time, the artist Michel Polnareff, Jacques Dutronc, Julien Clerc, Joe Dassin, France Gall, Françoise Hardy, Michel Sardou, Sylvie Vartan, Serge Gainsbourg were Salvatore Adamo and Mireille Mathieu known. Whip the bridge to Patricia Kaas, which is based also on classic French chanson.
  • Since that time, there is also sometimes a dispute as to whether there is a song or a hit with a title. The Chanson is cultivated in France and to be explicitly obtained by the term "nouvelle chanson" alive.

If you have just discovered fresh your passion for the songs and discuss with your friends, such as a song is set to, you can simply repeat a definition, mutatis mutandis, which is about 100 years old: A Chanson may be all chauvinistic or idealistic, ironic or lyrical, political or unengagiert, realistic or scandalous tender or cynical, just boring, that it must not be!

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