French dress sizes - Find out more

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French dress sizes - Find out more

Finding the right dress size, is sometimes not so easy.

Convert The French dress sizes

  • The French clothing sizes differ basically just some of the German sizes. So the French Size is only one size more than the German.
  • On the whole, it looks like this: A German clothes size 34 corresponds to the French 36, so expressed internationally, a XS. The German 36 then corresponds to a French 38 and French dress size 40 is the German size 38 equal. These clothes sizes are known by the term S = "small".
  • Then come the larger sizes. Size 40/42 in Germany is in France size 42. So internationally a M. 44/46 is an L and in French a 44. The German 48/50 corresponds to a French 46, so international a XL.

And dress size 48 in France is German size 52 equal. International here a XXL.

However, the dimensions are not all equal to designers. Many French couturier take the common, international sizes. But this is always printed separately on clothes. If not, ask commercially simply a fashion consultant.

Französiche children sizes

  • The children's sizes in France are very different from the German. So you can not just assume that this one size larger is the right one, because the nature of the indication of size is completely different.
  • So the French did not determine with centimeter values, as in Germany, but after months and years of a child.
  • So, for example, from a baby size 62 in France a 3m, the m for mois stands. It means "months". So does this mean 3m child to 3 months. These are of course only In-about figures because not every child with 3 months is the same size and the same weight.
  • It continues with 6m what the 68 is equivalent in Germany. Then comes the size 74 with 9m and more French clothing sizes with the m = 12m 80, 18m = 86 and 23m with the German size 92nd
  • Now the details are not counted by months but by years (franz. Ans). This corresponds to a 2 and a German 92nd

This goes up to dress size 158, which is a 14 in France. And then it continues in the above-mentioned quantities.

Thus, the sizes are different from one country to another more and more. In Italy, for example, the German sizes are even further removed their sizes. Because many people do not know which is the right signposted size, fashion designers have agreed to international labels. So is simply "extra small" = XS (extra small), "small" = S (small), "medium" = M (medium / average), "large" = L (large) and "extra large" = XL (extra large) differed.

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