French school grades - Find out more about school and Evaluation System

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French school grades - Find out more about school and Evaluation System

The French school grades go from a grade of "zero" to the touch "Twenty".

Find out more about French school grades

  • You should first know that French school grades are not like in Germany.
  • The French school grades go from secondary school from zero to twenty.
  • Here is the note "Twenty", the highest grade, which can be obtained. In many subjects the note twenty will hardly forgive. It's especially hard for the students to obtain this excellent touch.
  • The grade "zero" is the worst grade in France.
  • Who gained ten points in a written or an oral exam, has just passed.
  • The note "Twenty" is "Very Good" to be equated with the German note. The note "Ten" with the grade "Sufficient minus" and the grade "zero" with a score of "Six".

Meet the French school system

  • In France there is compulsory education, which is ten years.
  • The school-age population will then five years at the École élémentaire, which is comparable to the German primary school, and then visit four years the college, which is a secondary school.
  • Then you can choose between the Lycée, which concludes with the baccalaureate then, this is with the German Abitur comparable. Who does not want to study later visited instead of two years, the Lycée professionally. This is then terminated professionally with the baccalauréat and is a close, preparing for professional life. Then can then again two years it hung and it is then authorized to access higher education. Students can choose if you for professional life preparing to prepare for professional life and attain a higher education qualification or go into a sixth form and want to attain higher education.
  • The French school grades are awarded from the secondary.
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