From Cuxhaven to Helgoland by catamaran - Review

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From Cuxhaven to Helgoland by catamaran - Review

The cliffs of Helgoland you can already see from afar.

The Halunder Jet rides from Cuxhaven to Helgoland

  • From Cuxhaven, you can translate a functioning as fast ferry catamaran to Heligoland, is the Halunder Jet whose daily route begins in Hamburg.
  • Since 2003, the catamaran for the White Fleet in Stralsund in use and drives the North Sea island in the summer months. The advantage of such a large catamaran in ferry service is the fact that the driving time is shortened considerably, because a catamaran smoothly and thus slides faster through the water.
  • Even in a heavy swell of Halunder Jet is due to its two keels much calmer in the water, the risk of typical seasickness is scaled down accordingly. So not seaworthy people from Cuxhaven can sail.
  • With the normal ferry a direct call to the island of Helgoland is not possible, the anchors are still thrown at sea and small passenger ships pick up the island visitors disembark. The catamaran but can directly slide up to the pier, its lower immersion depth makes this possible.
  • Once a day there at the Halunder Jet between late March and late October Helgoland, departure in Cuxhaven "Old Love" is at 11:30. The crossing takes just 1 hour and 15 minutes, passengers can go to 12:45 Helgoland disembark. Knappe 4 hours, will have time to explore the island if you want to leave this on the same day. The start is at 16:30, one goes according to 17:45 again on the mainland shore.

With the catamaran crossing fun

I'm not really seaworthy man, once the soil is moving under my feet and varies, I get a slight indisposition, which is why I have always resisted me for a crossing to Helgoland. It has all the persuasion of my family means to move me to enter the Halunder Jet, but I have not looked back.

  • We have previously inquired whether you possibly can reserve in advance tickets. One can and should do, because as you get with timely booking a wonderful patio with an unobstructed view in the direction of travel. Because my friends have meant it particularly well, they booked tickets for 1st class with an extra charge of 15 €. These were well-designed 15 €, because we sat upstairs, directly behind the panoramic windows with direct and unobstructed views to the front. In addition, we were given during the crossing soft drinks, coffee or tea served and a personal server brought us on request fresh fruit directly to our place - a very pleasant comfort.
  • So we started after we were led to our seats, on time. First, I had plenty of anxiety in anticipation of fluctuating soil at sea, these dissolved however rapidly be pleased with. While it is perhaps hard to imagine, but there is a catamaran a very different feel than on a ship, it varies so good as not, but rather glides through the water. So even a seafaring fun for me. It is also amazing how quickly the catamaran truly up and running, after a short time he flew consistently fast over the water, according to the staff at 70 km / h.
  • Looking ahead to the seemingly endless sea was impressive, it registered through in such a moment the incredible size of the oceans. Then suddenly on the horizon bathes the coastline of Helgoland on, small, distinctive, jagged, like a light at the end of the tunnel. Quick, this is then greater, I discovered surprised that I regret that the trip came to an end.
  • We could, if we wanted to, while riding aboard move freely, but I have preferred to sit on my front row seat and enjoy the fascinating view. Amazingly for me was how well the catamaran can be maneuvered, fit was applied to the jetty.
  • Unfortunately, the remaining time on the island is relatively short, when one wishes to explore thoroughly the area. Therefore, I will stay the next time probably on the island. But the anticipation of the return has fully compensated me for this, because now I could see the German coast and Cuxhaven on me zuschnellen.

The use of Halunder Jets is a great experience that you should not miss.

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