From inside and out - Spelling

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From inside and out - Spelling

These houses are red outside and yellow - and the inside?

Sensitive inside and out

  • The words inside and outside are adverbs, specifically adverbs of place. You can specify both a movement direction and a place: Someone may or outside work on the facade outside. Likewise, someone go inside or stand inside.
  • Like all adverbs are these lowercase after the German spelling. Also in connection with verbs prevails lowercase, are, for example, outside or be located. Even with the phrase "wall paint for interior use" is lower case, even if one could argue that the word here "for who or what" is requested.

Spelling in Substantivierung

  • However, there are cases where the two words are very important to the German spelling. This is the case with the Substantivierung. Here is an example of the geek is mentioned in connection with football match. We need to discern whether someone is playing outside, so the player acts just on the outer edge of the playing field - here you would with "where he plays?" ask - or whether it is its function in the team, so he is a foreign player who plays outside.
  • Most, however, other words are preferred in the nominalization: We speak rather from outside, from the inside, from the inside or out. Examples include the inside of a box, the exterior (in terms of external appearance). The connotation here, however, a slightly different: While the interior being that which is in something in there, called the interior the entire interior space. the two adverbs are written in UPPERCASE so only if an item is before.
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