From marigolds produce a nourishing balm - Instructions for Calendula Cream

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From marigolds produce a nourishing balm - Instructions for Calendula Cream

The active ingredients of the marigold care chapped skin. R._Hauer / Pixelio

Marigolds are ideal for making a nourishing balm because Calendula helps against rough skin. In addition, their agents promote wound healing, so even chapped hands and feet can benefit. All the necessary ingredients you will receive at the pharmacy. You can also get an ointment pot for storing the finished Balsams.

Making Marigold balm - so go ahead

  1. Enter the lanolin and beeswax together in a small metal bowl or in a heat-resistant glass and heat both in the water, up to start the fats melt.
  2. While the fats melt, heat at the same time the distilled water in a separate vessel.
  3. Then stir the Marigold oil into the molten waxes and continue stirring until the three components have equally connected.
  4. Take the bowl with the melted fat from the water bath and stir dropwise and uniformly warm water. Then continue stirring until the mixture is cooled.
  5. Fill the finished balm in the ointment jars and store it in the refrigerator. It is cooled approximately stable for 14 days.

make Marigold oil itself - Instructions

Of course you can buy Marigold oil finished. However, you have found favor in the production of natural cosmetics and also spray buffer marigolds in your garden, you might feel like to make the oil itself. However, the flowers have to take three weeks in the oil.

  1. Enter a handful unsprayed flowers in a closable, bright glass and cover them with high-quality vegetable or olive oil.
  2. Close the container filled carefully and make it three weeks in a sunny place - for example on the window sill. Then shake the contents daily by well.
  3. After three weeks, you can filter from the finished Marigold oil and fill it in a sealable bottle of dark glass. Now you have a stock that holds a good year and from which you can make your balm.
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