Full-spectrum lamps buy - pros and cons

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Full-spectrum lamps buy - pros and cons

Full-spectrum lamps provide natural light.

Full-spectrum lamps have been used for many years in film and photography, as these are the negative aspects of the artificial light (eg, color distortion) not have. The use of full-spectrum lamps has many advantages but also some disadvantages that you should consider prior to purchase up to today.

The benefits of full spectrum lamps

  • Light has a significant impact on your wellbeing, your psyche, hormone levels and other factors, the benefit of your health.
  • Only the natural daylight has optimum properties to induce or support these positive effects.
  • To all the benefits of natural light can be used in closed rooms, full-spectrum lamps were developed.
  • Conventional light bulbs or halogen and fluorescent can even if you are exposed to such lighting permanently, negative impact.
  • Artificial light leads to eye fatigue, flickering light to irritation of the optic nerve, with the result that you are unfocused, may get headaches, tired or even lose your motivation.
  • Because of these inconveniences, full spectrum lamps come especially in the working environment for use.
  • The benefits include an increase in efficiency, reducing eyestrain and color fidelity enhanced visual perception.
  • Also due to a higher proportion of UV full spectrum lamps are used in medical and therapeutic area, for example in the prevention or treatment of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) or "winter depression".

Disadvantages of daylight bulbs

  • A decisive disadvantage of full spectrum lamps is the price. The costs of purchase are usually somewhat higher than with conventional lamps, is further also the life is not nearly as long as for example. Energy-saving lamps.
  • Due to the white light color full-spectrum lamps are often perceived as uncomfortable and cold and so it is important to consider whether you want to use them in rooms such as the bedroom or living room.
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