Furniture Oil - so it gets really

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Furniture Oil - so it gets really

Wood furniture can be protected by oiling.

Furniture must be cleaned before oiling

Oiling of furniture worth only when the wood is untreated. Paints or paint residues should therefore grind clean before oiling. You can also see small dents or scratches repaired by gently sanding with fine paper, or remove.

  • An unpainted furniture must be cleaned prior to oiling. Suitable for this is either a special wooden soap or commercial soap. For cleaning you can either use a soft sponge or a brush with natural bristles.
  • After washing off the soap the furniture to dry very well. If have been prepared according to the drying of wood fibers and the wood is rough, you should grind it before oiling once with very fine sandpaper. Then remove the sanding dust with a damp, clean cotton cloth.
  • The trade provides wood preservative oils to for the outdoors. These oils can be applied with a sponge or foam rubber roller. After the specified exposure time, it may be that "dry" sites are to see where the wood has the oil particularly well absorbed. This places you need subsequent treatment. Following the drying time you can with a dry cotton cloth and rub absorb excess oil also.
  • Furniture that come indoors for use, you can wipe down with inexpensive linseed oil or olive oil. Through these oils, the wood is given the necessary protection. If you repeat this treatment periodically, the wood sucks full. You can then possibly stains quite even "sharp" with a remove detergent without you damage the wood.

If untreated, oiled wooden table with time is dark, z. B. by printing ink of newspapers, you can extensively wash it off with soap and oil again. If you do this work in the evening, you can use the table the next morning without a disturbing oil film remaining thereon.

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