Galangal - use spices properly

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Galangal - use spices properly

Galangal has a spice various healing effects.

To use galangal for Asian dishes

Galangal is primarily a seasoning for Asian and Thai dishes, which gives it a spicy-tart flavor. If you want to get the flavor of galangal cooking advantage, you should consider some things.

  • The best way to fresh galangal to cook Asian dishes use when they are transformed into a spice paste in, then fry the respective ingredients.
  • Liberate the Galgantknolle first completely from the pan and cut them into small pieces or shred it using a grater.
  • Enter the chopped galangal then with the other spices in a mortar and crush them until a uniform and fragrant paste is formed therefrom.
  • Blending this spice paste then even with oil or ghee, heat it in a pan and then add gradually the other ingredients.

To use the spice as a medicinal plant

Besides being used in spice pastes Galangal can be used for healing purposes and otherwise. If you use the spice properly, can alleviate a variety of ailments that.

  • Galangal is sometimes available as a dried spice in powder form. This you can use to avert an imminent cold by them sprinkle a bit with some black pepper on a spoonful of honey and this then eat.
  • If you feel chilly, you can create a delicious soup with galangal prepare by cutting the peeled tuber in slices and cook for the soup. Eat but not because these pure discs - unlike normal ginger - very used to taste.
  • To support your digestion and for the relief of abdominal pain can be crushed fresh galangal with the grater and mix with lemon juice. Pour the mixture to drink with hot water.

In addition to these healing effects using galangal cooking itself has a positive effect on the menstrual flow and the production of bile. Experimenting with this spice is worthwhile in any case.

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