Galaxy S3: Internet slow - what to do?

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Galaxy S3: Internet slow - what to do?

The internet is too slow, it is usually the provider.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the most popular and most expensive smartphones on the market. You can surf with the device anywhere on the mobile Internet, when you have completed a contract with your wireless service provider. If you have booked the fastest data line, but this is still no guarantee that you can use really fast internet. It all depends on the region and on the density of the data stream.

The Galaxy S3 is not slow in the network connection

  • If you internet is too slow, this is not due to the Galaxy S3 with security. This provides connectivity options with the fast Internet. If you feel that the network is too slow, this is often at the receiving station, namely to your mobile phone provider.
  • Move to another location to see if the receiver is then better than at your home. Sometimes it is also necessary to complete a higher contract, which gives you more transfer rate. Also, make sure that your inclusive volume is sufficient. Is this up, you will be throttled to GPRS speed.

The data network must allow fast Internet

  • Before you opt for a wireless service provider, you should find out how strong the power in your home region. In the individual providers, there are often regional differences.
  • Most are the networks of Vodafone and T-Mobile. o2 shows wide regional variations and in the E-Plus network is not possible fast LTE. Accordingly, there is often not on the smartphone, but on the strength of the network is responsible, when the Internet is not really fast.

If you are in a place with a large crowd of people, the Internet may also be slow. If the data network is overburdened, no fast data rates can be transmitted.

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