galloping Correct - it succeeds

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galloping Correct - it succeeds

The canter is the dream of many riders.

can gallop the horse properly

At the beginning, you might like to believe that a short driving already sufficient to bring a horse to gallop. Perhaps it might work for school horses on known canters, but correct riding can not be understood by this baiting. Once you know the galloping aids, you need to learn to gallop a horse properly.

  1. The correct canter work actually begins before the canter. You need to ask your horse and enter the correct time the gallop help.
  2. Go Ask utilize as the Circle line or the corners of the web. Ask your horse using weight aids and half parades in the desired direction. As a beginner, you can set the horse always the center of the web.
  3. Make sure that you consider not only the head on the inside rein to the track center. The horse must be bent slightly from the head to the tail to jump correctly.
  4. If you have a good feeling, take the outer legs back a little bit and put this behind the girth. This position is generally called verwahrend.
  5. Drive now with the inner leg and shift your weight slightly inward. All these movements are a single support and should be given at the same time.
  6. Once your horse is jumping into the canter, give the reins slightly ahead, but remain firm with the weight in the saddle and keep the outer leg in the custodial position.
  7. Most horses jumping from the bent position directly in the desired gallop. If your horse does not canter properly, parry directly through again.

Strengthening gallop through training

You have your horse now galloping, but wonder why some horsemen of upward gallop, setting talking on the hindquarters and other terms? Here lies the secret of the canter work. After galloping right is only the first step on the way to a beautiful canter.

  • In order to ride a nice canter, you should start ride not long reprises. A half circle round is enough. Through many transitions from trot to gallop and canter to trot you improve permeability of your horse and learn the Assembly.
  • A beautifully set Gallop feels for you as a rider on as if galloping your horse uphill. The speed in the set gallop is usually confined to the working canter, canter or collected canter. However, you practice first only in the working canter. Trying to gather your horse during the canter, usually leads beginners to failures or unclean canters.
  • Do not forget during gallops that you have to remain with the aids to your horse.
  • If your horse canter or gallop Cross strike off in canter, you can feel this by a wobbly gait that feels plain wrong.

Right to gallop, appears at the beginning certainly difficult. If you have the opportunity to learn to canter on the lunge or to gallop a highly trained and set horse at least on the lunge correctly, you will learn a good feel for a nice canter. Take in any case a good riding instructor to learn the canter work properly.

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