Games for Samsung GT-S5260 - Find Apps

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Games for Samsung GT-S5260 - Find Apps

Smartphones are there not only to call.

The Samsung GT-S5260 "Star II" is not only a beautiful and modern smartphone, but also boasts a variety of extras on. These are, for example, apps or games that make use of mobile phones even tastier. But where you upgrade to the most and how?

find games and apps for the Samsung Star II

  • Who has a Samsung smartphone, knows that Samsung has its own app store and Google Play Store. These are usually pre-installed and can be tested immediately.
  • The Samsung Apps are usually also divided into "free" or even commercially. In addition, you can choose between numerous categories and favorites. Among them, of course, several games.
  • In Google Play Store, there are also many apps and games. Most of them under one Euro.
  • On the Internet, there are numerous sites that offer free smartphone games. You can easily download and then transmitted, for example via Bluetooth from your computer to your mobile.

Samsung GT-S5260 - Games Overview

  • A popular game for the Samsung GT-S5260 is, for example, "Angry Birds" or "Angry Birds Space Premium". Based on the successful movie "Rio" here the birds have the upper hand. Great graphics and animation make these games so appealing.
  • More games for the Samsung GT-S5260 for example, "Yumsters" or "vuvuzela". In the "Yumsters" is little cute caveman with super powers, who are struggling with many locales and challenges. "Vuvuzela" is the real in every way and is just for Soccer often used now.
  • Also "My Little House" is still a classic among games. This game shows each player that it not be just as easy to have your own farm. In 48 levels, many challenges have to be passed as a farmer or farmer.
  • Battleships for mobile phones? No problem with "Battleship". This mobile game is simple, but highly contagious. It must be eliminated all opponents.
  • If you want to do something for your brain, then "Sudoku" is just right for you. find rows of numbers and number boxes correctly and combine that not only strengthens the brain power, but also the memory.

Conclusion: Games for Samsung GT-S5260 there are certainly many. First, it is therefore necessary to clarify what you want for a challenge: strategy battle game or just "fun".

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