Garapa - maintain the wood properly

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Garapa - maintain the wood properly

From Garapa lot can be build.

Garapa is the trade name for the special timber

The tree from which the wood Garapa is recovered to Apuleia molaris or Apuleia leiocarpa calls. The trees are from the warm areas in South America and the Amazon landscape. Especially in Brazil, these trees are very common and they can grow up to 50 meters high. Because of the tree to a height of 25 meters grows without knots, it is particularly well suited for timber production.

  • The particular advantage is that wood splitting from Garapa. For this reason, it is preferably built around swimming pools as a running surface. The processing designed easily because Garapa easy to saw and grind well and therefore one knows this wood with a very fine, smooth surface. Garapa has a color nuance between yellow to olive brown. If wood is cut fresh, it smells like almonds and its color is lemon yellow.
  • To produce decking, it will cut 1.45 m wide generally. Lengths then depend on the terrace size. Garapa costs per running meter at about the six to seven euros, in square meters, this would equal approximately 40 - € 50.00 (as of October 2011). A terrace, which is built from Garapa, should also be made in the substructure of Garapa to ensure a uniform, long life of the terrace. In order not to discolor the wood, it is advisable to use stainless steel screws for construction.

The care of the wood begins at location

  • Sometimes, though rarely, it is possible that the Garapa bleeds dark. For this reason it is recommended to comply with the distances between walls, walls and other components according to the manufacturer's instructions. Protect components by films. Note the block that the wood is very hard and the mounting holes must be drilled.
  • Since the Garapa is very weather resistant, the wood does not require special treatment, because even without protection, the lifetime is about 25 years. However, one can further increase the service life of Garapa flooring by being oiled regularly. The oils also makes sense in terms of a possible graying of the wood. However, the oil should the Garapa match, so you should refer it only from one manufacturer.
  • However, it is perfectly adequate if you sweep off Garapa regularly or even a damp cloth. Stronger dirt you can spray with a garden hose. The wood is so stable that you can edit it even with a scrubbing brush or sometimes with sandpaper for stain removal. Even the use of a pressure washer keeps this wooden stand.
  • However, it should be noted that there can be a guarantee never if the wood does not offer but due to the processing in small spots attack surfaces, which could be chipped through the use of high pressure cleaners.
  • If you have decided to lubricate your Garapa, you should of course be thoroughly dry after the use of a water purification the wood and oil again after manufacturers regard. There are now also decking cleaning equipment that you can buy or borrow and often represent a sensible alternative for high-pressure cleaners.
  • When cleaning your terrace Garapa that becomes fixed in the substructure no leaves, which could lead to fungal development. Sweep stuck retarded leaves, resting dirt regularly and, should you have chosen to lubricate these places now and again.
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