Garden State - Definition

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Garden State - Definition

The definition of garden land resulting from the use.

What is the definition of garden land

  • Basically, there are legal for each Plot different terms. The term Gartenland always occurs in connection with small gardens or allotment colonies. The definition comes from the country's law valid.
  • Have you rented or leased a garden plot, so you get a contract. This agreement may emerge the term.
  • This means for you then that the land so designated are garden areas. You may use the land so called garden. How to make the garden, then up your own discretion.

How Gartenland may be used

  • In the management and use of garden land any common definition, it is essential that the area is used as a garden. There you can grow plants, trees and shrubs.
  • Want a different type of use, you will need to contact the tenant or owner. It is quite possible that he agrees example of use as a parking lot or other. However, without such consent, you may not remove the garden.
  • Even if you get the approval, the use must be reversed again. This means that if you use the garden land as a parking area, a garden needs at any time can be made of it. Is the convertibility no longer possible, this will not be in the interests of the owner. It does not assume that you are making a pavement and no garden use is possible. Once the function of the garden is completely disappeared, you have violated the Terms of specifications from your lease or rental agreement.
  • The owner can you then demand compensation and that you make the construction project to reverse. Consider carefully whether you want to risk that.
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