Gardener: Education - content

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Gardener: Education - content

Gardeners are well paid.

Content of the gardener - depending on the field of study

  • Not every gardener who is in training, applies the same salary. The gardener profession is very versatile; depending on the field, the training allowance is different.
  • For example, it plays a role if they have specialized in the field of study nursery, Friedhofsgärtnerei, Staudengärtnerei or vegetable or fruit cultivation. Also trained as a landscape gardener is possible. In addition, the location and the size of the company in the amount of training compensation may play a role.
  • The training for gardeners - no matter what field of study - carried out as a classical education in the context of the dual system. ie Students work partially in operation and visit once or twice a week a vocational school.

Example - trained as a horticulturalist specializing in gardening and landscaping

  • Especially often young people learn the profession of gardener specializing in landscaping. Here the content of various factors depends.
  • Thus, in the amount of training compensation, for example, the region plays a role in which the companies are located. Here the merit may vary considerably.
  • In addition, the training organization plays a major role. Depending on the type of business the apprentice are paid different wages.
  • However, each boss is bound by a collective, he must not fall below. So must every gardener in training a content of at least 540 euros in the first year, 650 euros in the second and 725 euros to get in the third year.
  • On the harvest gardener can then expect a salary of around 2,200 euros in the first year of service.
  • These figures refer to the gross earnings. Compared to other professions, the training allowance of gardener can therefore quite impressive.

So you see: The profession of the gardener is not only attractive because of its versatile activities - work is also quite well paid.

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