Gas tank at home - important information for your safety

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Gas tank at home - important information for your safety

A smaller gas tank you have at home.

The own gas tank may be a worthwhile investment and provide an important piece of freedom. However, you should not take the issue of security in such a dangerous material such as gas in such large quantities as in a private tank lightly.

buy the gas tank

  • If you have organized the money to a gas tank and want to install it, there are several things to consider. Only if the gas tank is securely mounted from the beginning, you can also live with a secure feeling.
  • Inquire about the legal requirements in order office or at TÜV and put them really to, to avoid trouble. Also listen to your gut and be rather a bit too cautious than too careless.
  • Keep a first rule a the greatest possible distance to residential buildings. This applies to your own house as well as for any other adjacent building. Find out more about the current minimum distance of about 2 meters and present this official specifications quiet of a little more generous.
  • Secure the gas tank continues from the beginning, the best by a professional technician. He must be protected against lightning and the electrical connection must be explosion-protected. Leave a leak test of the pipes perform and carry out the connection.
  • Of course you should equal up a good, suitable for gas extinguisher close permanently.

Make the container with gas

  • Do not skimp on the annual maintenance, for only in the continued safety of the gas tank can be guaranteed. The chimney sweep shall conduct a routine examination, but also an expert should look at your gas tank. The expert should rather come again and check everything, as well as security measures quickly lose their effect and hot spots in the gas tank can occur.
  • In addition, check regularly even your gas tank. The shut-off devices must always be free to interrupt if necessary the gas supply can. Brush the whole room regularly, otherwise the nozzles to clog in the tank.
  • The gas lines must always be firmly attached and just exposed gas pipes should never depend wrong or something to be placed on. Clad pipes need an air supply, so that the wall openings should never be delivered. Also doors with ventilation openings must not be covered.
  • If you seal something, installing or install equipment with oxygen, you must be especially careful, because your gas tank reacts very sensitively here.
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