Gearshift on the bike - Find out more about the types

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Gearshift on the bike - Find out more about the types

A clean set derailleur is often a question of patience.

Various transmissions compared

  • On bicycle on the most widespread is the derailleur. This can be seen that the chain is mechanically transmitted to different sized chainrings, whereby the different ratios come about it. At the front of the crank this are generally between 1 and 3 chainrings, behind the rear derailleur 7 - 9. Thus we arrive at a total number of flights of up to 27 gears (3 x 9).
  • In the hub gears, the chain is not mechanically moved. It is fixed to the crank on a single chainring and then disappears in the hub in a closed box containing the gear hub. This gear shift can produce only a few passages, usually between 3 - 9. For there is also no risk that the chain during the switching operation jumps wrong or even shut jumps.
  • A further development of the hub gear is the manufacturer Rohloff gear selection. This planetary gear circuit corresponds in its construction of the gearshift in a car. You can create more transitions than an ordinary hub gears, currently up to 14. To do this, however, is also significantly more expensive. Also it is in a closed system directly to the hub of the rear wheel.

Which circuit on which bike?

  • Typically mountain bikes, cross bikes and touring bikes have always derailleurs. The additional courses are needed to be ready to drive on any terrain. However, a derailleur is also maintenance-intensive and must be readjusted, which is often a test of patience regularly.
  • Holland bikes and city bikes frequently rely on hubs (or have only one gear). Since the preferred terrain of these wheels is flat, no big aisle width is necessary. In addition, a gear hub is free of maintenance, since it is a closed system.
  • The Rohloff-planetary gear mechanism has been fought for a place of high quality touring bikes. The transition number is sufficient for most terrain and the system it is also maintenance-free. Here usually decide the price of the bicycle.
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