Genitive phrases - Overview

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Genitive phrases - Overview

Whose key and whose house is this? The man's.

The genitive possessive case Direction

  • The genitive is the second case and is queried with "whose". Here, of course, is close to first to think of an ownership state, "Peter's car" - "Whose car" - "Peter." Thus Peter is in the second case. (It should be noted that "Peters" me apostrophe is not written, just as other genitives, unless the word ends in an s or a similar sound - then the genitive-S will be replaced by an apostrophe: Klaus' car .)
  • but sentences with genitive indicate not only ownership but also other relations that can only partially be queried with "whose". In "the other half of the cake" or "mother's help" can not with "Whose" will be asked, though the cake is not one half and the mother does not help. When "owner of the car," the car is in the second case, even though the owner has this course - so it must be asked about "whose owners". The second case may still be in other sentences, for example, "an experience short joy" or "a sign of relief."

Sentences with prepositions or verbs that require the second case

Also draw certain verbs and prepositions the second case to be.

  • The verbs pulling a genitive to be among other the following examples: be ashamed of something, boast, remember or enjoy or remember a thing, need or lack. Rates would therefore for example: "He remembered her with sadness", "The child was ashamed of his prank" or "You waited what might come."
  • Many prepositions are with genitive, although this is increasingly displaced from dating. Examples are "off the beaten track", "on his birthday", "outside the house" or "ex-officio".
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