Germanic-sewing clothes - tips and ideas for fancy costumes

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Germanic-sewing clothes - tips and ideas for fancy costumes

Germans in typical clothes Franz_Haindl / Pixelio

The wore the Germanic

Although the time of the Germans back was a long time, many garments are known, as was to bog bodies this condition and there are many contemporary representations by the Romans.

  • The German girls wore strapless dresses like Peblos and skirts. When tops Kittel were common with long sleeves that the men were wearing. The Germanic man was wearing long pants and the already mentioned coat. As sheath rectangular ceiling were common among women and men, which were held with a fibula.
  • The clothing consisted of woolen or linen fabrics, some pieces were also made of leather; in winter furs were worn. Of course, the Germans wore quite different clothes of our largely similar. Note only: buttons, hooks, eyelets, zippers and Velcro were unknown, the clothes were usually held together by brooches or gathered by belt. There were well-woven fabrics and sewing needles, so could be quite well sewn. The materials were usually dyed one color and with natural dyes.

sew clothes of the ancestors themselves

  • For the pants you can take a normal section of a modern pants. Change it down so that the legs are very close and the area around the waist is wide. Sew the two outer and inner leg seams. Let open a 15 cm long section of the inner leg seam in the amount of calves. Sew the two halves of the back part of starting up to half the front to. Put a square of fabric on the inside of the seam that connects the front to the back part of trousers crotch. This square is used to cover the slot which remains open at the front of the pants. Sew a covenant with loops at the waist. The pant is simply closed with a belt.
  • The gowns you can sew after a cut of a shirt or blouse. Take instead of the front part a second time, the cut part of the back. Enlarge the the cut so that you can pull the gown over her head. Since among the Germans, the seam of the sleeve went forward and not, as is usual with us today, under the arms, you need to cut off a strip from the cut portion of the sleeve and attach on the other side. The sleeve seam in this way is no extension of the side seam of the gown. When sewing the gown tight, let the side seams open. Put tapes it to zuzuschnüren the seam.
  • The Peblos is a long tube, which has about a half times the body size, ranging from the shoulders to the ground. The garment is tightened by slip in and so far change suddenly it up that it extends to the ankle. Connect the front part and the rear part of the shoulders, each with a fibula. Wear a tie belt around the waist.
  • For the skirt sewing a 80 cm wide and 2 m long cloth together to form a tube. Put a couple of loops about 5 cm from the edge of the fabric. Slip into the hose. Gather it together with a tie belt at the waist.
  • The jacket is a 3 x 1.80 m large cloth is folded to the dimensions 1.50 x 1.80. Put it to the shoulder and put him firmly with a fibula.
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