Get a referral to an ophthalmologist - Here's how

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Get a referral to an ophthalmologist - Here's how

Transfer for treatment by an ophthalmologist.

Under a transfer is defined as a certificate which entitles the patient to use the services of another doctor to complete. The transfer can be done by your GP for a medical specialist, or vice versa. If you are first to a specialist in the treatment, it can issue you with a remittance for the practitioner. An exception is the so-called. GP-centered care that is offered by the health insurance. The rule is that the family doctor referral issues to a specialist.

Transfer from GP to an ophthalmologist

  1. Basically, the transfer from the practitioner to the eye doctor is possible.
  2. Present your health insurance card as proof of your membership. Also your ID should have it ready - to verify your identity.
  3. Voice your desire for a referral to an ophthalmologist with the staff of your family doctor.
  4. Your GP results with you a short talk about the reasons for the transfer - he receives from the insurance compensation.
  5. The purpose of this regulation is to minimize unnecessary utilization of specialist doctors. Since it is a very specific area at the ophthalmologist, you can exist in each case on a referral.

Transfer at GP scheme

  • If you have decided to have your health insurance for the GP-centered care, you will get in any case, the transfer to a specialist by your family doctor. Then everything comes together at your GP.
  • The procedure takes place as described above.

Transfer from another specialist ophthalmologist

If you have not agreed to the family doctor scheme, you can take all Specialists direct claim.

  • So if you, for example, in the current quarter were already the urologist and want to also consult the ophthalmologist, provides you with the urologist from the transfer. He will also want to have a short interview with you, so he receives compensation.
  • Advantage: If you come with a referral to an ophthalmologist, there is no means of the practice fee.
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