get Fuller lashes - how it works

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get Fuller lashes - how it works

Long and full eyelashes let shine the face. sokaeiko / Pixelio

to have by nature fuller lashes, is not given to everyone, so you can give these quiet with mascara and Co. more volume and length. Or contact artificial eyelashes on your own turn. This also helps to more volume.

The own eyelashes makeup more volume

  1. Makeup you once your face before you start with the inks of the eyelashes.
  2. Are you then so far, take an eyelash curler with rubber pad at hand and bring your eyelashes so only once in the form and momentum.
  3. Then start with the first layer. This should apply with a transparent mascara and let dry. With this mascara you maintain your lashes at the same time a little.
  4. Do this by again.
  5. Then you deceive with a Volumenmascara in the desired color until your upper lashes. Washes them from the lower side first.
  6. To get even more voluminous and fuller lashes, you should then start again at the base of the eyelashes outward and roll up towards to the top lashes with the brush.
  7. Smears that you can make remove with a cotton swab.
  8. Always wear two layers. Keep in mind that each layer should be completely dry before before applying the next.
  9. After the second layer, you should still edit her wet lashes with a Wimpernkämmchen. This is even more beautiful and fuller lashes without gluing by the ink.
  10. You can now proceed with the application of the lower eyelashes.
  11. Start at the eyelid margin and drag the eyelash brush once completely for lashes end.
  12. Allow to dry and repeat.

Fuller Eyelashes by false eyelashes

  1. Free your eyes from all applied makeup products. For this, use an eye makeup remover.
  2. Now Take with tweezers your artificial eyelash on and give this a little eyelash glue. Please do not use too much glue.
  3. Put the false eyelash close as possible to your own turn and press with the tweezers for a few seconds after.
  4. The glued eyelash should now dry.
  5. Then you can still nachtuschen with a mascara and provide even fuller eyelashes.
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