get Revolt Windows7 running - so it can succeed

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get Revolt Windows7 running - so it can succeed

You need 7 simulate an older system under Windows.

Opportunities Revolt and Win7 to play

  1. Unless you have installed in your operating system to XP mode, it is usually not a problem because this simulates the XP operating system on the Revolt actually still should run.
  2. In general, you can play the game also quite easy on a computer with WIndows 7 run when you first click on the game with the right mouse button and then go to properties.
  3. Then select compatibility. In this tab, see the subsection compatibility mode. Click program in "compatibility mode start" to.
  4. Now select the drop-down menu older operating system than XP. Most runs Revolt when you select Windows 98th It just depends on what video card you have.
  5. Should not take this action, you must install a patch.

Install patch for the game under Windows 7

  1. Charge down the patch to the desktop of your PC. Unzip the zip file in the folder where Revolt yours is on the PC. Select Overwrite if an appropriate question appears.
  2. Now click the file revolt.exe with the right mouse button. Select Create Shortcut. Now go to properties. Attach the entry at target "-sli" without these two "" characters. Caution before the hyphen must be exactly one space.
  3. Now click in the Properties window for compatibility. Put a checkmark start at game in compatibility mode. There, select Windows 98 or Windows Me.

With this trick you can play the game always play well on Windows 7, but unfortunately only without music. Under XP the game usually runs a bit bumpy, but with music.

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