get road eye - what to do?

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get road eye - what to do?

A black eye is possible for a walk in the woods.

get road face

  • Did you get your road eye, your eye will probably tear immediately. This is virtually the first aid of the eye, because so little foreign matter can be washed out of the eye. At a branch earth, bark or similar could depend what has been resolved in its eye.
  • Depending on how thick the road is that you get into the eye, can be caused by a rebounding also blunt injury, caused by the black eye when small blood vessels were injured.
  • If the branch touches your cornea, it is possible that this delicate tissue was injured.
  • If you are accompanied, your escort should examine your eye surface to see if it was obviously hurt.
  • Can your eye but not open due to severe pain even after a few minutes, go to the doctor or hospital to seek treatment. Pain is a protective mechanism by which your eye protection before opening.
  • Can you open your eyes and your company sees a foreign body floating in the eye, he can try to take it with a clean handkerchief to the inner corner of the eye, where it is flushed.
  • With clean water or - if available - saline, you can rinse your eye to flush as floating debris. Leave it on the inner angular slowly flowing water in the eye, so that it flows to the outer angle. To prevent foreign bodies when rinsing accidentally flowing into the other, healthy eye.

With the eye doctor

  • For doctor you should go if you've got a branch in the eye and the eye does not stop even after a long time to tear and pain. Now, it is likely that the fine surface structures of the eye were injured. Because you rely on your eyesight, you should not waste time and let a doctor take a look.
  • Have you flushed superficial foreign bodies and the complaints are still not better, it may also be that the cornea was injured. If this is not treated, can form on the cornea ulcers or scars associated with symptoms persist.
  • You may not manipulate your mind when your escort provides that a foreign object is in your eye. Small splinters of the branch may have become loose and stuck now in the eyeball. Let the foreign body definitely where they are! You can not know how far projects a splinter inside the eye. Maybe he has it pierced blood vessels and prevents blood flow only in that it is tight. Loosen the splitter to bleeding may form, the extent of which can not be estimated.
  • Get a black eye, but otherwise have no complaints on the eye, you should still precaution go to the eye doctor. Internal injuries can quickly determine with various instruments of the doctor.
  • Even if only one eye is injured, if you got a branch in the eye, you should as far as possible close or combine both eyes to the doctor's visit. If only one eye open, the other eye will perform the same movements as the open. By rubbing the eyelid, the symptoms may worsen.
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