Getting a part-time job with 15 - so succeeds's

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Getting a part-time job with 15 - so succeeds's

Paperboy - a typical part-time job for teens.

To make it work with the part-time job with 15

Which part-time job can be done with 15, of course, depends on the environment and the preferences of young people.

  • Consider together what talents might be useful and how to make money. Listen specifically to your environment and go together through newspaper advertisements. You may already find the part-time job with 15th
  • Typical side jobs with 15 are babysitting, easy cleaning and gardening. But running dogs, delivering newspapers or help with homework are idea for young people to get money. Typical gigs such as repairs, storage or maintenance are attractive especially for boys.
  • In some cities there is a pocket wallet. There young people can create a profile with their favorite activities, which they offer against fair payment. Check with your local authority.
  • Also in the neighborhood you can ask around. Older people are, for example, often lucky if they get help with shopping or be escorted to various authorities, because you can no longer be based as well.
  • On weekends young people can help in the hospitality industry in the kitchen. You need however usually a hygiene certificate from the Health Department, which costs a few euros. The job should be then already identified possible.

Among the part-time job with 15 course should not suffer academic achievement. Therefore, activities should be well integrated into everyday life of young people.

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