Ghost in the house - what to do?

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Ghost in the house - what to do?

Many people fear ghosts in the house. Anne Wurster / Pixelio

The signs are often the same: nocturnal footsteps on the stairs, creaky floorboards, to items that easily fall off, or electronic devices that other self and go. In such phenomena many people think their house is infested by a spirit - even skeptics are convinced quickly after a few restless nights. But before you really start from paranormal activity, you should only times try to find realistic reasons for the phenomena.

A ghost in the house - logical explanations

  • If you hear strange noises at night, you may have a marten or mice in the rafters. Ask night a live trap on the matter to go to the ground.
  • Problems with electrical appliances can often be easily explained physically. Ask a physicist from your neighborhood to look at your house once. Maybe your neighbor on with its universal remote control to your TV and out - something like this can easily find a specialist.
  • Many people believe in ghosts phenomena because they feel more cold drafts. If that's the case for you, you should check your home Just have a leaky and drafty places and this seal - a simple drafts Dachshund can leave ghost phenomena disappear.

If you have been trying all the phenomena remain but or now simply feel uncomfortable in the house, there are also spiritual methods that create this situation and can do something about the phenomena.

What can you do if logical explanations fail

  • What to do when all else fails? Begin to communicate with the supposed spirit. Whenever the sinister phenomena occur, say loud and clear that you do not want. Lie down a fixed set like a mantra cope, for example: "I do not want that, please go!"
  • You can also get help from people who are concerned for some time with Spukph√§nomenen. Many amateur ghost hunters have fun, to explore the past of your house and to find explanations for the spook.
  • A burning incense can help you calmed down to sleep. Talk this simply times people in Spukforen to - often there on request instructions.

In fact, there are people who have moved because they simply could not get rid of the spirit that they suspected in her house. If you own just do not manage to get rid of the weird phenomena, but it can help to just get used to it too - strong nerves are against all uncanny the most effective weapon.

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