Giant bee or hornet? - To distinguish the insect

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Giant bee or hornet?  - To distinguish the insect

Hornet - it is a wasp and no giant bee.

Already alone the size of a hornet on falls. And the horror stories about the dangers of their sting ensure that in their presence fear and panic prevail. The animals are not aggressive, as long as you do not get too close to their nest.

Giant bee or hornet? - Exterior distinguishing features

  • Hornets (Vespa CraBo) include first of all in the group of wasps. They are related to the often annoying wasp species, so the Germans (Vespula germanica) and the commons wasp (Vespula vulgaris). Accordingly, a hornet also resembles a wasp very less and a bee. The animals are thus rather giant wasps and fewer giant bees.
  • The honeybee (Apis mellifera carnica mostly) are much smaller and not nearly as nimble as wasps and hornets. Your dark figure differs significantly from the black and yellow bodies of wasps. Although you can also have light stripes on the abdomen, but are not as yellow as the wasp species.
  • How bees live Hornets in a social state formations. One differentiates workers that are up to 2.4 centimeters long, drones (the males), which reach a length up to 2.8 centimeters and the great queen. This may be 3.5 centimeters tall and is in the spring an impressive appearance. Then you can observe the rare animals in search of a suitable place for nesting.
  • Bees remain much smaller. They are similar in terms of the size of the "normal" wasps. These are color but yellow-black, bees contrast more brown-black.

Different life cycles of the two species

  • Between the two animal species, there are many similarities. You only have a queen as the mother of all the people. One could this really be described as giant bee or wasp giant, because they are always greater than all other beings in the building. The workhorses provide the progeny and help the queen, which focuses only on the egg-laying. The male drones have only task is to mate with the queen.
  • A significant difference, however, as the species through the winter. The Hornets die all workers and the drones. The people have used several young queens and only this winter in a shelter. In the spring of such an animal must begin all alone to build a nest and to supply the first offspring.
  • The bees survived an entire people - except for the drones. But together with their queen larvae hatching in late summer workers survive the winter. Thus, in the spring pursue this immediately their only task is to lay eggs namely.
  • If you see in the spring a really exceptionally large yellow-black insect, so this is not a giant bee. It can be a Queen Hornet or one of the other wasp species. The impressive size of this hornet queen is easy to recognize. Hornets are protected. They may not affect animals or even kill nor destroy their nests.
  • Very rarely you expected a real giant bee encounter outdoors. It would then be the queen of a bee state. This fly on the Begattungsflug out or when a nation is divided, so if a part swarming. In such a swarm always flies with a queen bee. But it is not really so huge that to her the name of Giant Bee fits.
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