Girl with blond hair - so you style your hair like Marilyn Monroe

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Girl with blond hair - so you style your hair like Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe is an ideal of beauty for many.

Marilyn Monroe - fits her styling to you?

Marilyn Monroe was the greatest film icons of the last century. She was not only known for their films, but also and especially for its beauty and its particular style. Men all over the world, they adored and still do. But if you style your hair today as Marilyn Monroe, natural-track an old-fashioned style and are accordingly stand out strongly. Your doctor may assign the Rockabilly scene, which does not necessarily suit everyone. So do previously familiar with the subject and think about whether you can arrange that with your personality. If so, your Marilyn Monroe makeover, nothing stands in the way.

Girl with blond hair - so you'll Marilyn

  • To Marilyn Monroe look like, you need to definitely establish as a girl with blond hair her haircut: a about chin-length Stufenbob, you can turn up to curls.
  • This hairstyle is convenient because they do not unaufgedreht extravagant looks and they can sometimes go normally on the street in between.
  • Also, you should wear clothes as often as possible in Petticoat-cut and high-cut pencil skirts. Both were typical Marilyn and looks very feminine and elegant.
  • If you want to wear a skirt and a dress, it also does a high-waisted jeans with a ladylike blouse.
  • Also, you should always wear high shoes, at best, Pumps, with wide heels and in a gloss black finish. Flashy colors are typical in moderation Marilyn, for example, red and gold or pastels like mint green or light blue.

You see: If you're a girl with blonde hair, you have a good basis to style themselves as Marilyn Monroe. heard a little effort but definitely to look like a superstar.

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