Glasses ultrasonic cleaning - how it works

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Glasses ultrasonic cleaning - how it works

Glasses ultrasonic cleaning provides clarity.

So does this type of lens cleaning

can be cleaned in fact all kinds of glasses and the process is simple basically. But to be a little taken care of in the eyeglass lens models with precious stones and those with a defective paint. If in doubt ask your optician, you play it safe.

  1. Make sure that the connector of the ultrasonic cleaning device is pulled. If this is not the case, do so now.
  2. Fill the glasses cleaning the ultrasonic device as described with water in the user manual. Usually the device is filled to about 2/3.
  3. Enter one or two drops of commercial dishwashing liquid in the water. One can also add special cleaning additives. However, the cleaning effect achieved is quite comparable.
  4. Plug the unit in again on. Now the bow of the spectacles to be folded and these placed in the water. It should be ensured that this is on the brackets so that the glasses do not touch the ground. This is important since, under unfavorable circumstances can cause scratches.
  5. Now the device is turned on and press the activation button. Now wait until the cleaning is finished. Vibrations thereby produce millions of tiny bubbles that implode and thus produce little pressure surges, rinse any dirt from all angles. Grasp during the procedure under any circumstances with their bare hands in the liquid, as this is not good.
  6. When cleaning the glasses are removed and placed to drain on a cloth. Thereafter, any residual moisture is dried with a clean lens cloth. You now have again a spotless glasses.

Watch out when buying cleaning equipment with ultrasound

Such a device for cleaning glasses must not be expensive. It is important that you actually get a working model with ultrasound.

  • Commercially, there are always units that generate no ultrasonic vibrations, but let the close by its trade name to this function. In fact "shake" them but only the objects to be cleaned and the water little by without this, as described above, the pores clean. Therefore, it is recommended to read it carefully before buying the product description.
  • Ultrasound equipment for the cleaning of glasses and jewelry are now getting quite low and therefore need not necessarily be bad at low price. Get any information on the appropriate devices from the Internet.
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