Global-Mastercard - Notes

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Global-Mastercard - Notes

Being with the global MasterCard worldwide flexible

Who can use the Global-Mastercard

When it comes to the use of a credit card, then it must first be always check which group of customers for application and future use of the credit card ever comes into question.

  • The Global MasterCard can be distinguished among other things by the fact that there is almost no restriction on the potential cardholder in principle. The credit card is specifically offered as a card for anyone, so that people can make the card application with a negative SCHUFA. It takes place on the part of the issuer of no credit check.
  • Even if the credit card will be given to individuals with negative SCHUFA, but is limiting to note that you can apply for the global MasterCard only on condition that they are of legal age. If this is the case, you can carry out the order online, print the form and send it by mail Ident procedure.
  • You can apply for this particular credit card not only as an individual, but also independent professionals and small business owners and larger companies will put the card. In this respect, the credit card can be used both private and business, and to be used.

The credit card is available in two variants

In the Global-Mastercard You can choose between two versions, namely between the premium and the business version.

  • The premium version of this credit card is suitable for individuals and freelancers who pay cash and can have cash on machines worldwide want. In the premium version there is no limit sales and the annual fee is 68 Euro. It is in this variant to a prepaid credit card with account function.
  • The business version of the credit card is primarily a solution for larger companies. Again, the customer receives an own account number, indicating the transfers to any German bank account are possible online. There is also no limit revenue available and annual fees are in this variant of the Global Master Card 98 euros.
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