GLS: No data found - what to do?

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GLS: No data found - what to do?

See the broadcast data at GLS

To track your Sendug, GLS offers on the company's web site at this service. Here it may happen, however, that do not have data yet and the message "No data found" appears.

Tracking with GLS

  1. Have you, for example of a mail a shipping confirmation, so (program number) is included in this mostly a tracking code.
  2. This number you can copy and paste to the website of GLS in the text box after "search". Now select still the country and click on the orange arrow lodged.
  3. This is followed by formation, where your package. If no broadcast data to be stored, the message "No data found". The reason for this is, however, easily explained.

No data found Complete Show

  • Did you receive the packet numbers and the Tracking of GLS No data has been found yet, it is usually because the though the sender, prepaid package, and has thus created the tracking code, GLS has not yet accepted the package.
  • The data to your package can only be seen when they were scanned and processed by GLS. Usually you can view the data within 24 hours.
  • If after 24 hours still to be found to your package data, you can contact GLS telephone. You ask for your package and enter the corresponding number.
  • Staff can then tell exactly where your parcel is and why on the broadcast query any data is found. If there are no data available, your package probably has not given up by the consignor. In this case, you should ask there.
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