Glycerol at Nail Fungus - Find out more

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Glycerol at Nail Fungus - Find out more

Nage fungus leaves the nails are yellow and bumpy.

This is known as nail fungus

Nail fungus, also called onychomycosis, is the infection of the fingernails or toenails by a fungus. But what fungi come here in question?

  • Nail fungus is one of the Dermatomycoses because the nails are among the integuments and the dermis called the skin. As with other Dermatomycoses also, here are mainly two groups of fungi in question as evildoers: dermatophytes and yeasts (Candida).
  • For nail fungus, the nail assumes a dirty yellow color. As the growth of the nail plate is disturbed, it is bumpy and thick. Depending on the type of fungus attacks the onychomycosis from the free edge of the nail from the nail over or from the nail wall.
  • Fungus, which runs symptomatic - so if taking the mushrooms on hand - occurs mainly in immunosuppressed. Anyone who suffers from skin fungi or repeated fungal infections has undergone, should the doctor about a possible underlying disease or a weakened immune status and the reason for this can be looking.

Glycerin onychomycosis?

Nail fungus can be treated differently.

  • First of all, a possible nail fungus should be diagnosed by a doctor. So if you suspect to suffer from nail fungus, you can clarify this by a physician before applying himself mixed creams. The doctor will decide, depending on the degree of infestation, whether an antifungal cream or in extreme cases, even the removal of the nail is displayed.
  • One home remedy that can help nail fungus, is a mixture of equal parts of glycerin and ascorbic acid (vitamin C). This mixture is much cheaper than a corresponding cream from the pharmacy. The glycerol-ascorbic acid mix is ​​applied with a brush to the affected nails and leave for a few minutes. Ask your doctor whether such a treatment for your nail fungus is eligible.
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