Goji - the plant maintain really

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Goji - the plant maintain really

Goji berries have a lot of vitamin C.

The fruits of goji plant are rich in vitamin C and have a slightly sour taste. However, you can expect a fruit ingredients until the third year.

Proper care of the goji plant

  1. If you set several plants, then you should at least one, but better be about six feet of space between each goji plants. The best way to get in stores goji plants with a solid and strong rootball. This root ball you need to put at least 30 cm deep into the earth so that the shrub can grow properly. Pour well to plant it and set fertilizer to.
  2. Since the shrub grows rapidly in the spring when the weather is good, you should see the goji plant cut back to about 50 cm. The shrub is characterized bushy and it will grow more fruit. If the goji shrub bears fruit, then he must not be cut back, but can grow undisturbed. The next section is then in the spring, where you cut small shoots, so that the supporting branches have enough room to grow and the Bush gets enough light.
  3. Ensure that the goji plant never dries out completely. Especially in the summer in hot weather you should water the plant regularly. For the winter you need to take any special precautions, because your goji shrub is winter- and frost-resistant. He can withstand freezing temperatures of up to 30 ° C, without suffering damage.

When fruits grow on the goji plant, then you can reap from the autumn. For growing the plant, you can either take cuttings or collect themselves the seeds and bring it after drying in the earth.

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