Gold mix in pressure - so make it Designer

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Gold mix in pressure - so make it Designer

Gold color you can imitate with CMYK.

In Gold Print - some options

To print in gold, but also throughout to. Choosing the right color depends firstly on the desired print product and the other from the existing budget.

  • If you need an area printing, you get the best result with a so-called special color. This means that in addition to the desired pressure processes, for example offset or digital printing, yet another pressure passage with this additional color is required.
  • If you want medals, spatially acting graphics or the like print, you get good gold metallic effects by metal typical courses. You may, however, connected with further costs, provided the pressure with an additional gloss layer, characterized the gold effect is particularly effective.

To mix gold in CMYK mode

CMYK stands for amounts of cyan, magenta, yellow = yellow and contrast black).

  • You can reach in digital or offset printing in some cases with specific CMYK values ​​an approximately golden color printing, if you want to do without special printing process or need for financial reasons.
  • The gold tones that are achieved with CMYK values ​​have medium to high yellow components with a varying proportion of magenta and small amounts of cyan and a little contrast black.
  • Most CMYK combinations mix of the following values ​​from 5 to 20 for cyan, magenta 15-47, 65 and 90 for yellow and 10 to 15 for contrast black.
  • The colors with the best values ​​for your application also depends on the other colors used. Mix example, the following gold values: C = 13, M = 25, Y = 75 and K = 3 or C = 16, M = 28, Y = 75 and K =. 5
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