Good pen - so you recognize quality

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Good pen - so you recognize quality

Pens for normal everyday use siepmannH / Pixelio

The estimated you ballpoint pen is in inferior qualities to a large extent made of plastic materials. But there is some good writing instruments made of metal or wood.

Good pen - luxury materials to cheap plastics

Pens you need very often in everyday life, whether you're here to write your shopping list or lottery ticket.

  • The materials and designs used are as varied as the users themselves. Are you a demanding customer, you expect quality ball slide with a price of about 100 Euro. If you only usability important to get a handful for one euro.
  • However, you will quickly realize that the cheap pens are not fit much. After a written three letters to the mine is empty. If it is not equal to a disposable pen, you can use a new mine of the same design with superior quality.
  • Among the companies that have made a name with cheap plastic pens, include, among others BIC and numerous Chinese manufacturers.
  • When companies Lamy pens are made in Germany made available for long life and universal applicability. The quality is reflected in the price of several euros per writing instrument. For brand manufacturers Faber-Castell or Parker Pens good cost easily a three-digit euro sum.
  • For use are not only high-quality materials, the design and the position in hand is valued by customers despite numerous imitator products from the Far East.

Pens handmade considering environmental criteria

  • You as a customer have different requirements in terms of perfect writing instrument. Rotate (twist mechanism) or press (printing mechanism) - pens can, just as you like, work.
  • Environmentally compatible ink cartridges in the colors blue, black, green and red included on the basis of the certificate ISO 12757 no toxins. Writing colors of quality are also distinguished by document authenticity.
  • Luxury writing sets illustrate class when writing. To understand the difference between the prices, you must consider the individual details.
  • Good writing instruments are characterized by the fact that the ratio of volume / weight and center of gravity is right. Only an ergonomic grip area allow you a relaxed handling over a long period.
  • However, it need not necessarily be handmade, exclusive and expensive pens. Functional pens from the write store or the department store do it.
  • In industrial production standards can be implemented much more precisely. This makes your writing instrument inexpensive. This will get over the loss even more easily than in a writing instrument of a luxury brand.

The company offers Memo ball writing instruments as an alternative entirely without environmentally harmful materials (in wood cladding). The ink consists of a dyeing (water / alcohol) and a solvent (plants / chemical synthesis).

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