Good pocket knife - so you should maintain it

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Good pocket knife - so you should maintain it

Maintenance prolongs the life of a blade.

To clean your Pocket Knife

  • How exactly do you need to clean and maintain your penknife, depends primarily on the design. If it is a fixed knife, is usually needed than with a folding knife considerably less effort.
  • In a so-called Fixed the important thing is that you especially always clean the blade, if you (as fruit) have cut Acidic. Otherwise, it is sufficient commonly, occasionally rub a possibly existing wooden handle with vegetable oil. A blade made of carbon steel should be also regularly treated with gun oil.
  • When performing a Folder, so a folding knife, cleaning is more difficult. So it is, for example, the classic Swiss Army Knife important that you regularly show all the tools and rid the interior of the blade with a brush of sand and dust. Should not leave out Fold the individual tools, a few drops of gun oil work wonders here.

A good knife will be sharpened

  • There are steel, enabling the production of very cutting-containing cutting, while others are dull already from the mere Angucken. Either way but eventually comes the moment when it is essential to grind a good knife. With the right tools, you can do it yourself. Keep in mind, however, that different grinding methods are useful for different blade shapes. No way you should with a grindstone, which causes a lot of wear in the blade around rub indiscriminately on the knife, so you can distort the knife namely sustainable.
  • The best care for a pocket knife by the way, do not mistreat. Just because your outdoor knife features a blade thickness of 6 mm and is able to cleave wood, it does not mean that you should do this continually, you would prefer to buy a Cleaver for this work. Even as a crowbar, you should penknife - if at all - use only in very exceptional circumstances. A knife is there primarily for cutting, if you take this into account, you can save a lot of maintenance.
  • By the way: A good knife is one at no time in the dishwasher. Clean and maintain it always by hand.
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