Google Chrome - advantages and disadvantages compared to other browsers

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Google Chrome - advantages and disadvantages compared to other browsers

Google Chrome has some advantages and disadvantages compared to other browsers.

Google Chrome can be distinguished from its competitors such as the Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple's Safari or Mozilla's Firefox.

Advantages of browser

  • One of the advantages of Chrome is the fact that you can download the browser on the Internet for free. However, this is also the case with many competitors. It differentiates it from not from this and should not play a role in your choice of browser.
  • However, the Google browser in terms of speed is well equipped. In tests of computer magazines or similar products, he cuts regularly very well and ends up in rankings on the front seats.
  • It also provides a very high level of security. Compared to other browser there is rarely to report vulnerabilities, and if it does that occur will be repaired relatively quickly.
  • You can also very good link with your other Google services, if you have an account with the Internet giant's browser. So for example you have the ability to save your set bookmarks and to import when reinstalling Chrome on the same or a different computer it directly again.

Cons of Google Chrome

  • However, this connectability of Google services also dangerous. It can, for example, problems with synchronization occur as they are, for example, Apple products known. Overall, this link is hard very opaque and for ordinary users to understand.
  • Another disadvantage is the fact that Google stores your data and you can not pursue what is done with this. Google can sell them, for example, and make money without requiring your consent.
  • This is a disadvantage compared to other browsers. but you must ultimately decide whether you the point of view of the uncertain data situation is important or whether the benefits of the browser predominate.
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