Goulash spices - so your goulash is fiery and spicy

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Goulash spices - so your goulash is fiery and spicy

Goulash with a difference with red wine sauce. m._gade / Pixelio

Goulash - very traditional and Hungarian

  • Known as the meat dish Goulash with us originally from Hungary, where he was - prepared more than pot, because as meat dish - in a cauldron over the fire.
  • Traditionally, most Hungarians actually know few goulash spices. Most noble paprika is used (in tablespoon quantities) to flavor the meat. A sharper variant arises with paprika.
  • Basis for tasty sauce are the way tons of finely chopped onions.
  • The so-called Szeged goulash also includes sauerkraut and served with sour cream.

Goulash spices that you should try again

  • In addition to these types of peppers as goulash spices you may miss your goulash also a very fiery note. Add sharp Turkish paprika, chili powder, chopped chillies or hot peppers. Many African and Arab countries have sharp, yet spicy ingredients such as harissa (powder or paste) or beriberi.
  • The different seed varieties may be used as goulash spices. They make the meat dish not only aromatic but also easy to digest. Select normal cumin, the oriental fragrant cumin or very spicy black cumin. All grades should be crushed in a mortar or freshly ground in a mill.
  • Let the paprika away and take your meat dish even unusual goulash spices such as cardamom, cinnamon and / or cloves. A seasoning with Indian curry is possible. In fact, many cultures have similar goulash meat dishes, boil together with their spices for a delicious meal.
  • And of course do not only spices unique taste. Prepare Your Goulash to wine or with a strong shot of balsamic vinegar.
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