Gran Canaria or Fuerteventura? - A decision support for long stays

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Gran Canaria or Fuerteventura?  - A decision support for long stays

Experience the beauty of the Canarian

Holidays in Gran Canaria

  • Gran Canaria is the third largest of the Canary Islands and offers year round relaxing holiday. The climate is different in the southern and the northern part of each other: While the north is more humid, the drier south of the island is under the influence of the Sahara winds with some high rises in temperature.
  • The capital Las Palmas is full of fascinating sights that make culture enthusiasts all get their money. Especially charming old town is united with buildings such as the Cathedral of Santa Ana, the architectural influences from Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical and Neoclassical.
  • The Casa de Colón from the 15th century is a masterful example of the colonial style. It now houses a museum about the life of Christopher Columbus. Also, the Science Museum and the Castillo de la Luz are worth a visit. A lively bustle located in the district of Santa Catalina with promenade, cafes, the Las Canteras beach and the turbulent port flair.
  • Gran Canaria is also famous as a party island. Especially the district of Playa del Inglés presents a lively nightlife with countless clubs and bars and attracts especially young people in party mood in their spell. During the daytime, a variety of shops to go shopping.
  • The harbor Puerto de Mogan charmed by extraordinary charm: Because of its many narrow streets and canals also carries the nickname "Little Venice". It offers it many cozy restaurants with fish specialties, relaxing on the beach and the possibility to an adventurous submarine ride.
  • Treat yourself to a trip to Palmitos Park. Among the highlights of the nature park include the orchid and the cactus house, the air shows with birds of prey and parrots and the Dolphinarium.

The advantages of Fuerteventura

  • East of Gran Canaria is the second largest with Fuerteventura Canary Island. The climate is pleasant throughout the year, the "island of winds" to its name, however, all glory and can sometimes be quite stormy.
  • Compared to Gran Canaria the party possibilities in Fuerteventura are somewhat limited. is even more pronounced for the beach landscape with more than 150 beaches, which attract not only sunbathers but also windsurfers and surfers because of the constant wind conditions.
  • Remarkable are the many desert-like areas on the island. Lush vegetation can be found here rarely, but the rocky plains, the mountain ranges and volcanic areas lend Fuerteventura a special charm.
  • Most entertainment the place offers Corralejo, including bars and restaurants, a pedestrian zone for shopping. From here you can also reach quickly the Parque Natural de Corralejo, a stunning dune landscape.

Whatever you choose - both Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura promise relaxing holiday. Gran Canaria is especially suitable for party holidays, offering much urban flair, while Fuerteventura is rather Idyllic, Nature and Water.

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