Great declarations of love - so your declaration of love is unforgettable

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Great declarations of love - so your declaration of love is unforgettable

Love comes from the heart. Petra_Morales / Pixelio

Great declarations of love need not always be in the form of a love letter. Love is so diverse that it can be expressed in many forms and facets.

The best declarations of love

  • The self-written love song: If you're feeling the music, then write your own love song for your soul mate. You can then either perform live or record to CD and send.
  • The self-written short story as a book: poetry and literature have always been very popular. to read fine words or verses in a book, is nowadays thanks to sites like no longer a problem!
  • The radio or television message: If you are slightly better heeled and know that your dream partner likes to watch television or radio, then that would be a possibility. Here, however, there is some risk that the message is missed.
  • "I'll give you my heart!" It need not always be so spectacular. A gesture and the right words to rich sometimes also completely.
  • The Love Letter: The classic among the declarations of love is the love letter. Handwritten and in his own words, he usually had its effect.

Great phrases and verses for efficient message

  • "Just you and me, so be it, forever in love club!"
  • "Good girl, there are many, but only one like you."
  • "Love goes through the stomach. Because of you I can not eat for days!"
  • "My heart is not complete without you. It only proposes half speed!"
  • "You are the sun in my life and brighten me every day. Without you I live in darkness."
  • "You are the love of my life. I stand to you as a tower of strength. Even stormy weather can not keep me away from you!"

Conclusion: Great love declarations may, but need not be spectacular and expensive. If there is true love and it comes from the heart, a declaration of love is always beautiful.

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