grinding planer knives - Here's how

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grinding planer knives - Here's how

Sharp planing knives facilitate woodwork.

grinding planer knives for a clean tension well

  • For clean and easy work a sharp planer knives is a prerequisite. Thus the working surface does not tear, you planing with the chip and not against it. Again and again, your fingers should slide over the processed wood and check the smooth surface. Feel slight inaccuracies, it is time to pull the blade of the planer blade.
  • Check the burrs on your planer knives. If nicks are seen already at the mere viewing against a light source, it is a large ridge. Since only helps grind.
  • If you pull the blade edge over your palm, you can feel finer unevenness in small burrs. Smallest burrs you notice when the fingernail is pushed over the edge and your fingernail stuck. Here you can already sharpen again with water or oil the knife a sharpening stone. Different material structures, thanks to their special graining different results.
  • When removing the iron from the planer shaft help light hammer blows to the planer back and sideways against the wedge. Similarly, there are planes, which have special setting aids instead of a wedge.
  • To look for when pulling out that the angle of the bevel is maintained. There are sharpening aids / angle gauges for accurately fixing the plane iron.
  • Usually plane blades are ground at an angle of 25 to 30 degrees. This angle you should consider when pulling well.
  • Remember when grinding planer knives always that even with such strength steel more material is removed than when pulling. Large nicks the planer knives you need to grind. The best results are usually achieved with a wet grinder. This method for grinding of planer knives preventing annealing of iron. The blade must be moved at cut back and forth.
  • Overheating of the blade is indicated by the darkening of the steel. Later such a planer blade becomes brittle faster.
  1. After releasing the planer blade, you tighten this in the corresponding blade holder of the device. The correct grinding angle You decide with the angle template. This put to the grindstone.
  2. With the leather wheel, which was prepared with abrasive paste, remove both sides of the grinding burr.
  3. Then you can complete your planer again and align the blade to fit your work lightly with a hammer or a jig. Check here the straight seat of the planer blade.

If you do not wet grinder, you can possibly borrow the hardware store or you have an idea where to find the next wish. Alternatively, you use planes with exchangeable blade. You can contact the blunt side and work with the sharp area further. Perhaps you or a friend have even an old bench grinder with stone disk and water bowl for cranking by hand. Then you just need a second man for sharpening.

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