Grindstone - instructions for grinding scissors

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Grindstone - instructions for grinding scissors

By matching whetstone can grind every household scissors. Dieter_Schütz / Pixelio

Instructions for using the grindstones

A pair of scissors, which is often in the household, or garden, used to lose often quickly sharpness. Nevertheless, one must not discard this appliance the same, because with proper guidance and a good grinding stone you can sharpen the blades properly again.

  1. Begin to work with the coarse grindstone. The pad on the grind should be stable and designed with a cloth.
  2. It is advisable to place the three grinding stones in water before use. Thereafter, the grinding stones must be thoroughly dried.
  3. Remove dirt from the scissors before proceeding with the coarse grindstone. To achieve a perfect result of grinding, you should keep the slip angle of about 10%. This corresponds approximately to the height of two cent coins.
  4. The coarse grinding stone is well suited to grind bumps or hollows of the blade. Proceed always cautiously and sand the side of the blade that is to sharpen as long as the rough stone until all irregularities are balanced. This should be about five passages.
  5. Pull the blade from the top of the stone, up to the last corner. Note, however, always observe the angle of 10%.
  6. The other side of the scissor blade should be ground with the coarse grinding stone about five times.
  7. Now use the grindstone with the average grain size that you initially soaked in water and subsequently dried. Continue on with this stone in front just as with the coarse stone. This grinding process is there to make the sharpener blade of the scissors again. Again note that you adhere to the slip angle of 10%.
  8. Next, you should grind with fine stone. This process strengthens the sharpener blade and closes the loop. Pull the front and back of each scissor blade about five times over the grindstone.

Completing the grinding operation

  • If you have followed the above instructions for grinding, you need the scissors now thoroughly cleaned to remove residues of grinding can.
  • To do now something good for your scissors, you should now use the leather strap. Pull both sides of the two blades of the scissors several times through the leather straps. So the focus of your scissors will remain long and the blade are not as easily damaged.
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