Grindstones for blades - so grinds to a knife properly

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Grindstones for blades - so grinds to a knife properly

Some grinding stones are more suitable as a decoration rather than for sharpening knives.

Grindstones for knives from the hardware store

  • In construction market there is often a wide range of relatively inexpensive grindstones for blades. "Cheap" these grindstones are, however, not only in terms of price, but also their quality.
  • So have cheap grindstones from the hardware store the disadvantage that they wear relatively quickly and the blades by grinding then hardly be sharper.
  • On the contrary, a worn cheaper grindstone the knife even damage because sometimes small grains in grinding easily break out of the stone and scratch the knife.
  • Buying cheaper grindstones from the hardware store is worth the usually only if you want to use this only a few times and also rather cheap knife, which do not interfere with light scratches necessarily.

High-quality abrasive for grinding knives

  • Among the high-quality grindstones for blades include known oil and water grinding stones, diamond grinding stones, ceramic grinding stones and a variety of natural stones. The water grindstones can also distinguish between European and Japanese stones.
  • These grinding stones used for grinding knives usually in combination with a suitable grinding fluid. It may be as simple as water, but also to special oils for sharpening knives. A good grinding result can also be achieved with simple Petroleum in many cases.
  • Pay attention to this, that you then no longer be able to use together with water grindstones that you once used in combination with oil to the blade grinding.
  • When buying a grindstone You should also pay attention to the types of blades the respective grindstones are best suited and which grinding fluid you need to use it / can.
  • As a rule of thumb it can be said that good grindstones should not cost less than 10 euros for knives. Standing several sizes of grindstones for choice, you should opt for sharpening knives rather for one of the larger grinding stones, as they are much easier to handle and allow a more even cut.
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