GTA San Andreas does not start under Windows 7 - what to do?

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GTA San Andreas does not start under Windows 7 - what to do?

Problems Starting in Windows 7

GTA San Andreas makes Windows 7 problems

  • GTA San Andreas is significantly older than the Windows 7 operating system, therefore, it can lead to problems running the game. This also applies to most other games that were developed before Windows. 7
  • Do you want to play the game and have the operating system Windows 7, so the start is somewhat more difficult than in current games.
  • But there are certain possibilities, problems can be 7 started and played over the older games under Windows.
  • A new Windows 7 computer is suitable for this reason for GTA San Andreas and you can easily buy GTA San Andreas.
  • An installation of the game on Windows 7 works as usual and should you really be straightforward.

So GTA San Andreas will start under Windows 7

  1. Have GTA San Andreas installed on your computer, so is either the Start menu or on your desktop a shortcut allows you to start the game.
  2. Since a normal double with no additional steps GTA San Andreas does not start successfully, you must first thing, right-click the shortcut's properties.
  3. This menu gives you the option to change the startup settings on Windows 7 and adapt to the game.
  4. Select in the menu tab "Compatibility" and activate the compatibility mode for Windows XP.
  5. Confirm the change and exit the menu.

A simple double-click on the shortcut of GTA San Andreas the game should now easily start Windows. 7 In addition, you should always keep the game up to date and check if there is a free update from the manufacturer.

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